US Commercial Consul Invitation

US Consul, Ken Walsh invites for Lunch

Invitation to the US Commercial Consul in Duesseldorf
photographer: M. Klaas
Business Lunch at home
at US Commercial Consul Ken Walsh

27.02.2019 – It was a great pleasure to be invited by Fiona Evans (3rd fom left), US Consul General, and Ken Walsh (2nd from right), US Commercial Consul for few homemade chilis to a casual lunch at Ken’s residence.


Israel excellent market opportunity

Israel – excellent market opportunities for foreign Medical Device companies

21.11.2018 – The Israeli market is one of the largest consumers of medical technology in the Middle East. In addition, Israel gives an excellent market opportunity for foreign Medical Device companies.

Only 38.4% of the demand for medical products is produced in the domestic market; 61.6% of the demand is covered by imported goods. The main customers for medical facilities and large-scale equipment are hospitals, predominantly the 339 hospitals, of which the 44 general hospitals are mostly run by the state or charitable organisations. Weiterlesen

New Trends in Medical Technology at Medica

Medica 2018 – New Trends in Medical Technology

Klaas consulting
photo: M. Klaas
Maria with trainee Caroline
Exhibitors show new trends in Medical Technology
photo: M. Klaas
Medica 2018

16.11.2018  –  New trends in Medical Technology were shown at Medica 2018 which took place from 12 -15 November in Dusseldorf – the world largest Medical Device Exhibition. This time, 5,200 exhibitors at MEDICA and 800 exhibitors at COMPAMED showed their products.


MDR will cause Great Changes in medical technology

MDR will cause Great Changes

MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) will cause Great Changes
photo: iStock
MDR (Medical Devices Regulation)

28.09.2018 – The MDR (Medical Devices Regulation) will cause great changes in the world of medical technology. The MDR has been adopted on the 5th April 2017 and will replace the MDD (Medical Devices Regulation) and AIMDD (Active Implantable Medical Devices Directive).


Arab Health

Arab Health – second largest Medical Technology Fair in the world

19.03.2017 – Arab Health – after Medica, the second largest Medical Technology Fair in the world. 4,400 of the world’s leading healthcare companies coming in from 70 countries. In 2017 more than 130,000 trade visitors from more than 160 countries.
Klaas consulting is there every year. Weiterlesen

Soroptimist International Club Gdansk

SI Club Köln-Römerturm: „An oak for the 20th anniversary of SI Club Gdansk“

photo: M. Klaas
Danuta Walesa and the president of SI Club Gdansk during the planting tree ceremonie

2016 – Our Friendship-Link „Soroptimist International Club Gdansk“ celebrated its twentieth anniversary from October 7th to 9th, 2016 with 120 soroptimists from Belgium, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Germany.


New impulses for sale of medical devices

New impulses for the sale of medical devices

10.11.2016 – Growing healthily is a primary challenge for medical device companies. Yet frequently it is not possible for them to manage this themselves. So why shouldn’t they include commercial products in their portfolio and shouldn’t offer themselves as a medical distributor? Are there new impulses for the sales fo medical devices?

New impulses for sale -  Klaas consulting Market Entry and Development of Medical Devices
Maria Klaas, Owner of Klaas consulting

Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices

Great Potential for Improvements Remain in Strategic Marketing in German Medical Technology

Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices in Germany
Marketing Monitor Medical Devices
Marketing Monitor Medical Devices

Study: “Marketing of Innovative Medical Devices in Germany”

In the run-up to the launch of innovative products, manufacturers could obtain significantly more information on the market situation, options for reimbursement of costs, and marketing and sales strategies.


Medical Technology Marketing Monitor 2014

Medical Technology Marketing Monitor 2014 Strategic Medical Marketing offers optimization potential

Marketing Monitor Medizintechnik 2014
MMM 2014

What is the situation for medical technology companies concerning their strategic marketing? And which weaknesses can be converted to potential? The authors of the „Third Medical Technology Marketing Monitor“ give specific recommendations.


India – strongest growth medical technology market

India – strongest growth market for medical technology worldwide

India strongest growth market
photo: M. Klaas
sick people in an Indian hospital

India is the strongest growth market for medical technology woldwide. The motors driving growth are: increased expansion of the market for private hospitals, growing as an outsourcing location for laboratory testing, attractive market for medical tourism, and changed living conditions.