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Market entry and devolpment medical devices

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The European medical devices market is the second largest in the world, preceded by the U.S. and followed by Japan. According to a report by the International Trade Administration (US Department of Commerce), the European medical devices market is expected to continue its expansion and grow by 9% every year.

The total European medical devices markets are estimated at 95 Bill. EUR. The leading EU markets are Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain.

The European Union embraces a unique patchwork of markets, systems, regulations and mentalities, but also presents challenges and possibilities for the exporters of medical devices. A suitable consultancy firm with expertise in the medical devices sector is the key to your success

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Efficient clinic targeting with the QB-Analyzer

Online tool for quick and easy determination of market potential in the German hospital market. Suitable for marketing analysis and sales control.
•    analysis of data with diagrams and corresponding diagrams
•    select ICD-Codes and OPS-Procedures and visualize them on the map
•    group regional data into clusters
•    export the results of the analyzes and illustrate them in reports
With current data of the year 2019.

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According to your requirements, we offer you a tailor-made service package to enable your smooth and efficient entry onto the market in European countries

Sensors in combination with implants

Sensors in combination with implants

In the field of sensors in combination with implants and application systems, considerable technical progress has been made in recent years. They are thus considered “the” future opportunity for medtech companies.

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What are the typical Germans like?

What are the typical Germans like?

©iStock-gorodenkoff There are many clichés about us Germans. What should you know about us Germans in a sales talk? May 2022 - As a counsellor, I have heard a lot of opinions about us Germans in recent years. Overall, many non-Germans think: typical Germans are...

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