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Market Research
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Create your own service components to launch your medical device in european countries.

Create your own medical device service components! Medical markets differ substantially across Europe. Various factors such as culture, language, economic situation and the different mindsets of the European nations regarding compliances or environmental issues can affect the nature of how business is conducted in each European country.

There are also significant differences in how the healthcare system works from financing through to service provision. Therefore, before entering a new market region, especially one unfamiliar to you, it is vital to know the sales potential for your medical device and to create an appropriate strategy to enter that market.

A well-executed analysis of the market can yield valuable information on competing products already on offer in the region together with competitor pricing, market opportunities, sales channels strategy, reimbursement levels and more.

According to your requirements, we offer you a tailor-made service package to enable your smooth and efficient entry onto the market in European countries.

Make your choice!

Distribution Consultancy Services – Medical Devices.

Our distribution consultancy services focus on companies poised to sell their products in the European market.

Your intention is either to expand your existing European distributor network of medical distributors or to enter a new European market for the first time.

Or — you are looking for somebody in Europe who can manage your already established medical distributors.

For all of these we offer a total package:

  • Defining the best sales strategy and determining your individually matched distribution channels
  • Finding medical distributors in every European country through our research expertise, our experienced contacts and our network partners
  • Assisting you during the negotiation process until finalization of a contract
  • Managing your already established medical distributors on your behalf
  • Developing a Sales Organization

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Reimbursement Consulting.

If qualifying for reimbursement is critical to your success, we can help you determine the path to reimbursement approval in the European markets.

Whether your products focus on the hospital, institutional or homecare segment, our reimbursement experts can find the answers to your questions.

  • Country-by-country understanding of reimbursement requirements
  • Product reimbursement analysis
  • Preparation and submission of dossiers
  • Monitoring of changes in laws and requirements

Market and Marketing Research.

To know the obstacles means to know your strategy – knowing the market barriers is the key to succeeding in market entry and development.

We undertake any research necessary for entry onto the market and include advice from our market experts about potential pitfalls.

  • Research of market structure, market segmentation
  • Determination of market sizes and potentials (based on secondary market analysis figures)
  • Investigation of market situation and tendency
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analysis of product and market prices

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Marketing Consulting – Medical Devices.

A carefully directed sales and marketing plan is critical to your business success. Our support orientates this in each phase.

  • Finding the optimal marketing strategy for your marketing objectives
  • Selecting the best strategic sales channels for your medical devices and your company
  • Specifying marketing tools and implementing the appropriate communication mediums

Related Services.

In addition to our Sales and Marketing assistance we can assist you in all services around a medical device. These services will be mainly executed through our partners and associates located in the country being considered.

  • Support in Regulatory Compliances
  • CE Consulting
  • Acting as your European Authorized Representative
  • FDA Consulting
  • Judicially Advices for medicinal products and medical devices
  • Headhunting
  • Training & Coaching

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