Medical Device market in France

Distribution of Medical Devices to France

The French Medical Device Market is the 2nd largest market in Europe
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French Medical Device Market

April 2020 by Maria Klaas – With 67 million inhabitants, France is the second largest market in Europe after Germany. And this also applies to the Medical Device sector. Therefore, medical device manufacturers from all over the world would like to place their products here as well. But how can a successful market entry take place?


Strategic distribution of medical devices in Europe

Efficiency increase of the strategic distribution of medical devices in Europe for SMEs

strategic distribution medical devices in Europe
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Strategic Sales of Medical Devices

Juli 2019 – Many medical device companies aim to sell their products on European markets.  Their own budget bottlenecks allow only limited market opportunities. What are the reasons and what considerations should SMEs make to increase the efficiency of the strategic distribution of their medical devices?